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Software Application Engineer: Client & Media Soft
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Software Application Engineer: Client & Media Soft Job Description This is a unique position for experienced software engineers combining leading edge software engineering work with project management, customer relations and influencing. In this role you will be working with leading European software developing companies and institutions to port, enhance, and optimize their software products - making sure that they run best on Intel's latest and upcoming platforms, e.g. the latest 2in1s and NUCs, leveraging latest technologies such as Multicore, UHD HDR media, 360 video, Virtual Reality and hardware enhanced security like Intel Software Guard Extension SGX. You will support and influence software developers during all phases of the development cycle, incl. feature definition, project setup, project execution, and tech support for go to-market. You will use your practical experience to offer technical training, consultation, and hands on assistance to software developers in the areas of software architecting, code development, Intel software tools usage, testing and tuning of software applications. You will interface with Intel Engineering groups to resolve software related problems that impede the customers' success. You will provide technical feedback to Intel Business Unit groups to enhance upcoming Intel platforms, technologies, and products. As a technology consultant to Intel Sales & Marketing Group, you will be using your hands on experience to create technical collateral promoting Intel platforms and technologies to software developers. You will also be responsible for research, authoring, and presentation of technical papers. The position offers a great opportunity to advance applicant's leading edge software engineering qualifications as well as develop strong project management and customer relationship skills. It offers a unique direct insight into key players in the software and IT industries. The Application Engineer is primarily a Software Engineer/Developer. Significant contribution also result when the AE acts as a product evangelist, program/project manager and a marketer. Application Engineers act as consultants and provide support to third party product developers. AEs help developers create or move their products to IA, achieve the best performance of their applications on IA, and prepare collateral material to capture methods and demonstrate their results. Key Duties and responsibilities: •Make sure that software products by leading software vendors ISVs and corp. developers run best on Intel's latest and upcoming platforms and technologies •Support and influence SW developers during all phases of SW development cycle incl. feature definition, project setup, project execution, tech support for gotomarket 50% of time •Providing technical training, consultation, and hands on assistance to SW developers in areas of architecturing, technologies, code development, testing and tuning of SW apps 20% of time •Provide training, consultation, and hands on assistance to SW developers using the Intel SW Tools evangelise Intel SW Tools and technologies to SW developer community 10% of time •As SW and Intel technology expert, author technical papers and training courses provide expertise to customers and peer Intel orgs 10% of time •Contribute to Intel SW and HW product development by providing tech feedback to Intel product teams 10% of time. Qualifications Qualifications: • MS degree or equivalent in a scientific or engineering discipline. • Experience in software development for PC, Mobile, IoT / Embedded, or CE platforms • Experience in programming in C++ is a must, ideally in combination with experience in modern scripting tools, such as Javascript*, HTML5, Python*, Perl*, etc. - as proven by practical experience developing software. • Understanding of Intel Architecture, or another processor, SoC, or DSP architecture is expected. • Working knowledge of Windows* or a Linux*/UNIX* family operating system e.g. Android*, Ubuntu*, etc is required closer familiarity with OS architecture, kernel level and driver development experience are highly desired. • Excellent verbal and written English skills, good communication and presentation skills in front of technical audiences are essential. • Willingness to travel Additional Preferred Qualifications: • Experience working with Intel software tools MKL, TBB, Intel Compiler, GPA, VTune, etc. are an advantage. • Experience in planning and execution of software projects, as well as in software testing, benchmarking, analyzing, and optimizing is an additional strong plus. • Experience in DirectShow* and Windows Media Foundation, Ffmpeg, Gstreamer or another multimedia framework and media codecs DirectX*, OpenGL* or another 3D graphics environment HTML5, Qt* or another GUI development toolkit OpenCV*, OpenVX* or other Visual Analytics libraries would be an advantage. • German or French language is a plus. • Experience in managing customer relationships is a strong plus. Inside this Business Group The Intel Software and Services Group (SSG) connects Intel to the worldwide software community. SSG strives to bring competitive advantage to Intel platforms by helping independent software vendors, operating system developers, OEMs, channel members and systems integrators deliver exceptional customer value and achieve differentiation on Intel® processor technologies. SSG provides global leadership to the software community through its technical expertise, industry enabling activities, and developer products and programs.

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