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Spare Parts Administrator - English speaking
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Spare Parts Administrator - English speaking

1 Processing Customer/Engineer's requests, making sure that services are delivered on time according to the SLA. Such as maintenance spare parts application, batch replacement application, To-be-analysis parts application, etc. (Service to engineer) chief

2 Processing Apply, Return, Repair and other Services regularly and correctly according to company's regulation. (Service to headquarters) chief

3 Managing spare parts account, making sure every transaction (Inbound/Outbound) of warehouse is recorded regularly. After the engineer borrows the spare parts, notifies the engineer to return. According to stocktaking time, stocks are taken monthly and yearly. (stock management) chief

4 Monitor and audit spare parts application from engineer, such as, engineer provides the fault tag for returning of the faulty parts,etc., insure spare parts business standardized management and the prompt delivery of the parts service (Audit spare parts business operation) chief

5 Releasing regular business report as the requirement of AMS Department. Release business report chief

6 Based on customer's request, product features, and spare parts planner's guides setting up effective spare parts safety stock, as to realize the best balance between parts service and cost. cooperative

Qualification requirements:

Please list the lowest certified professional qualifications, educational background, special training, experience and competency required for this position. Please refer to Competency Titles and Meanings to fill in Competency requirements .

Educational background: college degree.

Major: Electronics, Computer, Logistics Management related.

Work experience: 2 years experience in logistics.

Required knowledge and skills:

Understand basic telecommunication product technology, be familiar with spare parts business process, understand spare parts business operation mode of the trade;

Master software such as ERP, OFFICE etc and must be good at Excel;

Good listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.

Competency and qualification level of specialty/technical type

Know various common data collection methods; active, smart& logic minded;

Acquire sound sense of responsibility, service consciousness, team work spirit and coordination capability. Chinese and Switzerland ability is preferred.

Documents as working basis:

The appointment documents, the documents and regulations etc. as work basis, including the issuance date, signature department, document No. and file name.

Please send your CV if you are interested in this role (see below)

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