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Geschäftsführer Bau Unternehmen / Managing Director in Nigeria (w/m)

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One of our member firm search:

Geschäftsführer Bau- Unternehmen / Managing Director in Nigeria (m/w)

Das Unternehmen
Der Auftraggeber ist ein Unternehmen mit ca. 4000 Mitarbeitern und beschäftigt sich primär im Bereich Brückenbau und Strassenbau. Gesucht wird der Geschäftführer der bereits in Afrika im Bereich Bau tätig gewesen ist.

Position und Aufgabenschwerpunkte: Political Representative of the Company related to Presidency, Senate and Embassies.

Promoter of the company through articles and personal appearance at conferences/on media.

Representative of the company at legislative/ committee meetings, and at formal functions.

Promote the company to local, regional, national, and international constituencies.

Provide leadership to position the company at the forefront of the industry.

Provide Public Relation on a High Level


- Develop policy and strategic plans and guidelines to advance the company’s mission and objectives and to advise concerning promotion of revenue, profitability, and growth as an organization.

- Oversee company operations to insure production efficiency, quality, service, and cost-effective management of resources.

- Guide the implementation of strategies for generating resources and/or revenues for the company.

- Identify acquisition and merger opportunities between the affiliated companies and direct implementation activities, coordinate between affiliates.

- Approve company operational procedures, policies and standards.

- Approve equipment investments, expatriate salary structure and bonus

- Approve investments for fixed assets (land and buildings)

- Approve business plan and monitor monthly budget, cash flow and bank position

- Review progress reports, situation reports and financial statements to determine progress and status in attaining objectives and revise objectives and plans in accordance with current conditions.

- Evaluate performance and compliance with established policies and objectives of the company and contributions in attaining objectives.

- Approve company report before presentation at Board of Director meetings.

- Oversee foreign operations; give technical, procurement, logistics and recruitment support.

In addition, the following specific tasks are falling under the MD’s responsibility :

1 Technical advice and procurement of contracts

1.1 market and competition observation, development and putting into action strategies to save and develop market shares, construction and production performances and yields.
1.2 acquirement and putting through guidelines for the acquirement and procurement of contracts, supervision of the contracts and turnover development, extraction of new customers as well as acquirement of suitable measures for the continuous exploitation and opening up of new markets (public/industry /privat).
1.3 care of the customer contacts (authorities, associations) to the procurement of contracts and long-term safeguarding of the business relations.
1.4 guarantee of the technically and economically optimal supply processing, calculation, order handling, acquirement of special suggestions.
1.5 putting through of the computer supported basic estimation/calculation.
1.6 contract and award negotiation (subcontractor/suppliers) including advice of architects, engineering offices and especially private client.
1.7 preservation of all legal rights.

2 Technological carrying out, equipment and material purchase

2.1 specify, put into action and supervise the compliance with guidelines, specifications and procedures in a supervision character of all fields of sites and quarries operation, acquirement of performance and practical construction methods, processes, technology and pricing, of construction sites , special construction sites and quarries.
2.2 technical and economic analysis of the bill of quantities, construction drawings and designs, contractual law with work calculations and risk assessments.
2.3 control and optimization of the equipment , distribution, demand and procurement suggestions and orders. ( performance, safety, assessment of the depreciation and repair costs) for all sites and quarries.
2.4 responsibility for repair cost analysis, damage analysis and specification of the measures for the control of the equipment optimization and reduction of the costs.
2.5 price negotiations and completions of contracts with suppliers, price analysis to reflect and choose suppliers with regular control as well as for forwarding agencies and haulage contractors.
2.6 specific control of all construction sites and quarries (quality, performance, consumption and cost control, comparisons and correction measures).

3 Planning, organisation, administration

3.1 determination of the planning bases of the enterprise (investments, making performances, business expenses, personnel expenditures) as well as draft of target-settings.
3.2 regular plan supervision, loss and profit calculation, introduction and supervision of specific measures for plan compliance and result improvement.
3.3 check performance reports and invoices (variation orders and claims).
3.4 supervision and evaluation of the periodical loss and profit statement.
3.5 guarantee of the administrative processes in the context of the QA/QC specifications.
3.6 private customers financial capability.

4 Personnel management

4.1 full responsibility of staff planning, recruitment, reduction and distribution (local and expatriate employees.)
4.2 staff appraisal (periodical) and corresponding control measures when required.
4.3 training of, and technical information to the employees.
4.4 regular control of the expatriate’s salary structure, recommending salary increements and bonuses to the Board
4.5 full responsibility of local staff salary structure, NJIC and Union matters.
4.6 guarantee company guidelines: specification of the accommodations, equipment and inventory of houses and offices, and travel regulations.
4.7 guarantee of special leadership qualifications/positions by suitable further education/training or regrouping measures.


5.1 guarantee the compliance with the QA/QC regulations and environmental regulations.
5.2 regular audit of all construction sites.

6 Commercial and financial matters

6.1 control -- purchase, prices, freights.
6.2 control -- attendance lists, holiday lists etc..
6.3 legal and property topics, rent and lease contracts.
6.4 finance reports, income statements, expenditure control, cost control, accounts supervision, payment reminders.
6.5 control of flow of information on schedule (incl. crossways information -- within all departments.)

7 Other

7.1 guarantee measures for the works safety and accident prevention.
7.2 cooperation on associations and committees, human relations to institutions., visit of trade exhibitions and conferences.
7.3 periodical management meetings with analysis of the processes (technical./commercial.) and introduction and common discussion of corresponding control and management measures.


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